• We make teams work magic.

  • We help teams and organizations
    work better together.

  • We put teamwork first
    to make your company a great place to work.

  • People should make their own discoveries.
    That's why we work a lot on the experiential level.

  • Our interventions aim for quick results with lasting impact.
We help you fix the plane while flying.

Companies we have worked with:
  • Only successful teams will make a successful company.
    What do you do to make your team perform their best?

Good teamwork is essential for sustained company success: Teams that know how to work well together deliver higher quality output, perform better under pressure, make better decisions and have less conflict.

Teamwork can be frustrating and wasteful if teams don’t reach their full potential. This happens when teams don’t know how to think about, address and change how they work together. Underdeveloped teamwork skills are hurting the team, and the team accepts conflict, frustration and consistent underperforming as “the way things are”.

Good teamwork takes effort and care. It needs to grow. Many of us have little awareness, language, and tools to deal effectively develop their teamwork. We help you change that. With powerful, simple solutions we enable your team to operate at full potential and propel your company forward.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
    An experience is worth a dozen books.


During our training, team members experience first hand how they can interact differently with each other and how good that can feel. This allows them to deeply realise the effect of their own behavior and integrate it as a team. Whenever we can, we show, don't tell.


We combine physical activities, mental and conceptual exercises, and group experiences to understand both how the team impacts each individual and how individual behaviours contribute to the system as whole. Through the team's own realizations, the process become theirs so they can take it home.


At an individual level, we help team members to understand their own needs and how they can deal with stress, uncertainty and pressure. At a group level, we create a safe space to experience firsthand how to address conflict, restore trust and empathize with each others' perspectives. This creates a solid foundation of trust.


We tailor our workshop to your needs, with our inventory. During our workshops, we help your team to kick-off new team habits that transform insight into lasting impact. We will help you integrate your insights and habits with a follow-up on the topics most relevant during your workshop.

  • We draw on a wide range of methodologies and tools to help you work better together.
    We would love to talk to you about which approach will help you achieve your goals.


It takes time and space to address complex team issues. Far away from your day-to-day busyness, we zoom out, reconnect and dig in to the questions that are most central to your team's performance. We guide your group towards a clear and sustainable outcome in a process from two to five days.


Our approach enables your team to fully own the solutions to performance barriers which they uncover in our 4-hour to full day team workshops. With our help, your team stays effective and focused while working through meaningful challenges – creating a vision on the desired future along the way.


You have a specific issue that you want to address in your team. We will stop by your office, sit down with you and your team and talk it through in a 2-hour session. We will leave you with a handful of practical tools and next steps you can take on your own to develop your team.


You feel that your team could work better but don’t quite know what you need. We will stop by your office, chat with your team members, and spend time with your team. Afterwards, we send you a clear cut summary, with easy steps you can already take and ideas on how to dig deeper when necessary.

Let’s have a coffee and talk teamwork!

Contact us at: tom@moreanimo.com